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   Feet First Southam

Feet First (Southam) Ltd.


Private Chiropody / Podiatry services to resolve foot & ankle problems

For over 20 years, we have been providing foot care services to the people of Southam and surrounding villages with our podiatry and chiropody skills. They have benefitted from our experience and knowledge to relieve pain and improve mobility. Our aim is always to leave patients happy with their experience at Health First from their first enquiry, through their initial assessment, to completion of their treatment plan.

If you have a foot problem, or a foot-related condition, we can help you. We offer the most successful treatments available to resolve your corns, verrucae, ingrowing toenails, heel pain (plantarfasciitis), injuries and many other painful conditions. In susceptible patients, our interventions can help prevent injury and falls.

Wherever possible, we aim to cure to avoid the need for ongoing treatment, or if cure is not possible, we enable you to go as long as possible between appointments, thereby reducing recurrent treatment fees for you.

This is from a note from just one of our many grateful patients: “Thank you very much for the phenomenal improvement you have effected to my feet. Walking in comfort had become a forgotten memory”Health First offers treatment from two podiatrists in a clean clinical environment with sterilised instruments and all the latest equipment.

As the practice podiatrists we (Jonathan Small and Judy DeArmitt) are both former NHS Senior Chiropodists / Podiatrists and are able to treat the vast majority of foot problems that come into the clinic. We also both have our own specialist areas of clinical practice including :

Correction of biomechanical problems

Nail surgery to permanently resolve in-growing toe-nails

Treatment of diabetic foot ulcers

Cryotherapy and Falknor’s surgical needling for verrucae

Provision of insoles / orthotics / medical footwear

Diabetic foot monitoring

Management of chronic conditions

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