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Southam Countryside by Graham Foster

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image by Stratford District Council

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Why Southam? If you don't know Southam you may be wondering what a a small Warwickshire town has to offer. The short answer is plenty, the longer answer is laid out below. Discover why we are proud to call Southam home!


A Traditional Welcome

Sitting slap bang on an ancient drover’s route and holding a market since 1227, Southam knows a thing or two about welcoming visitors. It’s always been a welcome stopover on a journey and today is no different. Spend a little time and you’ll discover a traditional market town, those bygone shops that sell literally everything, personal service with a smile and a warm welcome from just about everyone you meet. It’s a good honest place that people are proud to call home and equally proud to share with you.

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Surrounded by Green

Step out of Southam and you’ll find yourself surrounded by glorious countryside, rolling hills, meandering waterways and an incredible variety of birdsong. Its scenic with a capital S but tranquil and relaxing in all the best ways. A hike up to Chesterton windmill is just the ticket for amazing views, or an amble from Long Itchington gets you the peace and quiet of the riverbank. The best part? There’s plenty of cosy country pubs for a well earned pit-stop!

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A Wealth of Stories

Most places have history, but few offer so much or wear it on their sleeve quite like Southam. A Market Town since 1227, Southam is packed with historic buildings, home to a Holy Well the predates the Domesday book and happened to be the venue for the first battle of the English Civil War. There’s so much to tell we can’t fit it all in, but with the dedicated and passionate volunteers locally these stories won’t stay hidden for long…

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Top Notch Venues

Events are always a hit in Southam, and that’s down to the quality of our venues, from the 600 acres of sedate space at Dallas Burston Polo club, to the elegant décor and stunning grounds at Warwick House. So whether you are planning on tying the knot or networking over a Polo match, you’ll find everything you need. On top of that you’ll find lots to see and do, and cracking food and drink if you have any spare time (or you could just come back to explore further!).

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